Working as a musician and sound engineer since 2003, I have been collaborating with studios, radio stations, television and live shows through a wide variety of creative and commercial projects. Since 2016 I'm running my own recording facility in Barcelona where I built up a personal and eclectic blend of acoustic, electronic and digital instruments combined with the latest audio editing softwares to produce music and soundtracks for a wide range of audio visual applications: commercials, video ads, online advertising, events and animated promos, augmented and virtual reality projects. Each one carefully tailored to enhance its content with a captivating sound.


Over the years I have built relationships with a wide networks of musicians and recording studios all over Europe such as London Metropolis, Paris' Shelter, MemeTune, Sol de Sants, Alchemy, QuestiondeSon. This allows me to produce and organize specific on-location recording, mixing and listening sessions if needed.

I approach every new project as a creative dialogue where I can offer a musical and technical expertise in order to develop a unique sound for each project while maintaining a respect of the original concepts and ideas of my client.


The services I offer includes:

Tailored score and sound design

Production of original, innovative and unique soundtracks.
Production of look-alike arrangements: when clearance fees don't fit the current production budget.
Additional production or post production: optimization of the musical potential of an existing audio material by enhancing its mix or by improving or adding new elements to it, while respecting its original character.



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